SXTrader is a almost fully automaticated Freeware Trading Bot for the Inplay Soccer Markets at Matchbook or Betdaq

SXTrader has several objectives:

  • Being a powerfull trading tool for soccer markets

  • Allow a fast and comfortable picking of matches.

  • Create the possibility to react on actual match events via freely customizable rules.

  • Create the possibility to define sequences of trades where the trades a based on each other.
  • Do not bind the user in front of the computer.


To fullfill those objectives SXTrader offeres some unique and extraordinary functions:

  • Fast and comfortable match selection. For this the Statistical Modul was created. it gives the opportunity for a well-arranged view on statistical data for a match. Additionally it gives the possibility to color a match in a customizeable color if one or several statistical rule are matched. The data is broken down into direct encounters of both teams as well as in for each team alone.
  • React to actual match events. SXTrader has connections to several livescores and therefore knows all essential data of a match such as playtime, score or red cards. Based on that information SXTradre allows to create flexible trade out rules which will be executed according to the actual game situation. After such rules are defined for a match no further user interaction will be necessary.
  • SXTrader can handle way more Trades concurrent than a human being. A human being always has to keep an eye on each match he/she is trading. If an trading relevant event happens he/she has to find the the refering trade an act according to the event. And this the human being has to do for every trade. The more the difficultier it will become to keep the overview and the chance of making an error will increase which is new match.

To use SXTrader an account at Betdaq or Matchbook is necessary.


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